Buteyko Breathing

Buteyko breathing training for Asthma, General Health and Athletic Performance

We offer one-on-one Buteyko Training in Whitehouse Station, NJ, and a complete course of online Buteyko instruction, supported by remote counselling sessions via Skype, if required.

Dermod Wood, PhD
Certified Buteyko Trainer

Dermod became interested in pursuing holistic health over 20 years ago, when he got great results using the Buteyko Breathing Method for his own asthma.

In 2005 he become a Certified Buteyko Trainer after taking a course with Well Naturally in the UK. and has been training people in the method, off-and-on, ever since, while teaching in academia and pursuing a career as an IT consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Buteyko is well-known for reducing the need for medication and for increasing measures of quality-of-life for asthma and other chronic diseases related to dysfunctional breathing, but it is also helpful for general health.  

A major benefit is its improvements to conditions that disrupt sleep, such as blocked nose, mouth breathing, sleep apnea and snoring.  

A recent development is its use to improve athletic performance by emulating high-altitude training.

For more information I suggest looking at the introduction to my online breathing course and taking the breathing test and Nijmegen questionnaire to see if you might benefit.